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Makeup Alley customer review:

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Parian Spirit contains natural citrus oils that condition the bristles. This cleanser works very well that it takes out the eyelash glue from the brush! Not only does it work well, it smells really good! I actually like the smell better than the Cinema Secrets. They both work really well, I love them both, but I prefer Parian Spirit over Cinema Secrets only because of its smell. The smell lasts about a week if not a little longer which is great! I definitely recommend this one!
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The Parian Spirit cleansing jar is what I would recommend to anyone looking for the easiest brush cleaning routine. You pour some cleaner in, swish around your brush and dry it out on a paper towel. Voila
A disinfected brush back to it’s gorgeous self with a lovely orange scent!  
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Chrissy AI review:

 I noticed that this cleaner got out pigments extremely well, left my brushes smelling fresh, and even removed eye-lash glue! ... Read More

Review from Eight-Bit Beauty:

Overall, from what I've used of my Parian Spirit set so far, I've really been enjoying both products equally. I think the jar is a great extra feature that really makes brush cleaning much less time consuming and more convenient, while the cleaner itself has a really nice formula that has gotten all my brushes back to looking new. While the orange scent can be a bit much for some people, I really love how natural it smells, and it makes all my brushes smell pretty for days! I've also read negative reviews about some people claiming that the cleaner has left a "film" like covering on their brushes that they feel during the next usage, but I haven't experienced anything like that at all so I'd recommend wiping each brush on a towel after each cleaning if you run into this problem. This is one of the first brush cleaners I've owned but I have to say I'm definitely beyond impressed with everything these products have to offer.
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Ask Me Whats review:

I am seriously impressed with how quick the makeup was transferred from brush to the cloth or paper towel.  I like how quick it dries up and it can make me work faster on my makeup gigs!  Though the product is a bit pricey, I find that spritzing this once or twice is enough for a regular eye makeup brush and 4-5 spritz on face brushes and it works ok.  No allergies on my skin after using the brush spritzed by this product. 
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